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Since I started this journal (which is mostly about manga and anime), I have written a number of articles and stories. Feel free to friend me; I don't bite. My personal entries tend to be f-locked, but the rest is not.

Note: I feel obligated to warn you that although I have tried to mark spoilers as such, I am not always very good about it. If you fear spoilers like the plague, I suggest you only read articles pertaining to series and characters that you are familiar with.
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After winning NaNoWrimo last year, I am inspired to try NaPoWriMo...I will attempt to write an post a new poem every day of April. Follow me on my WordPress.

New book, Pieces of Home

I haven't posted in a while, but I'm back briefly to tell you I've finally published my first novel, Pieces of Home. You can read about it over here, on the blog I actually update more regularly these days.

Where I'm At

Hello! It's been a while. I gave up on "revamping" my old website and started a WordPress instead. And I've decided to make that my main blog for now. Forget all the Tumblrs, Bloggers, Livejournals, etc. Find me at http://alymcf.wordpress.com/


No more paid account

After 10/22/13 I won't have a paid LJ account. It's an acknowledgement that I don't use it much anymore. I'm planning on revamping my main website (which is currently stuck in 1995), and you can also find me on Facebook (PM me if you want to be friends) and Ravelry. I expect I'll still post here occasionally and look at my friends page sometimes. We shall see!

It's funny really. I found LJ a few years ago via Tumblr. Now it seems a lot of people have left LJ in favor of Tumblr. I don't get it, because it is darn near impossible to have a proper discussion on Tumblr. But I keep forgetting that kids don't really know how to use computers, even though they spend so much of their time on them.

Have a wonderful autumn!


Well many years ago I was on Tumblr and saw some beautiful manga pictures. That led me to manga and to Livejournal. Now I find that both 07-Ghost and Soul Eater are coming to an end. MyAnimeList shows their ending chapter numbers. Crazy cakes! Meanwhile, the complete series of Nabari No Ou has been published and I've got that on my shelf waiting for me to read it in its official translation. Karneval is in anime now, and I still haven't seen a single episode (if anyone has a good fansub site please let me know). So many animanga, so little time.


Retrace 85

Just saw the pictures from the latest Pandora Hearts chapter...I can't read it but...[Spoiler (click to open)]Lily gets punted! For reals! Bahaha! Well that may be one of the only moments of real levity for me in the chapter because it is clear from the various vignettes of many of the major characters that shit is about to get real.

It's bugging me...

I picked Pandora Hearts volume 15 the other day, and on this page, they've translated what Vincent says to Duke Nightray as: "You did it all for your own sake! I feel like I'm watching myself, and it makes me sick!" I know I hinted at this a little bit in my story Always, but recent turns of events in the manga have led me to a deeper understanding of Vincent's motives.Spoilery type stuffCollapse )

State of the gommyommy, March 21, 2013

I haven't posted in a while, and I just shut down my Facebook role play account (over 1500 "friends" and no time for 'em), so somehow my thoughts turned to this long neglected journal. I've been blogging on my regular blog occasionally, and using Facebook, but haven't been very active on Tumblr or Twitter or Plurk or any of that.

So what have I been doing? Trying to forge more community and friendships in real life. Toward that end I've been active in volunteering, taking a gigong/taichi class and helped start up a new knitting group locally. What I'm finding is that I really enjoy hanging out with the 60+ crowd. They aren't internet addicts! It's so nice to see someone face to face and talk to them without them having to stop every few minutes to check their phone.

Still, my virtual door is still open to anyone who's reading this who wants to keep in touch. Sometimes email is easier, so let me know if you want to correspond that way. Cheers!


28 Things That Make Me Happy

This was supposed to be a 100 Things meme but I found it on my desktop and realized I'd better stop with the 28 things I could think of easily or I'd never get it posted. So here it goes:

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State of the gommyommy Dec 10, 2012

Holy carp! Pandora Hearts volume 13 is coming out tomorrow and I didn't even realize it. Heck I haven't even posted the pics and thoughts from volume 12.

I've really been laid flat by this holiday season. But the good news is that the gifts are all bought and wrapped, the cards are mostly sent, I have one package to mail and then I can tune to the Christmas cookie channel. Then that is it! This year's cookies will all be gluten-free. :)

Hope you are all doing well.

Manga Recommendation: Angel Sanctuary

[Found this in my pile of unpublished things...I probably intended to write more, but it was a while ago, and now I can't remember the series all that well]

Angel Sanctuary by Kaori Yuki is possible the most epic manga tale I’ve read so far, with a story setting that spans multiple levels of heaven and hell as well as earth, and a complex interweaving of dozens of important characters whose pasts and motivations are pretty thoroughly explored. You might read on the back of the volumes that it’s about a brother and sister who fall in love with each other, and that does form the basis of the tale, but when they both die and are separated and must go literally through heaven and hell to find each other again, a lot of other stuff happens along the way.

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Amusing Anecdotes and What's Up With Me

First let me just say that I have no idea how I'm going to get through this day. I'm coming down with this nasty virus that's been going around. I am supposed to go to acupuncture, volunteer in my child's classroom for a couple of hours, and finish getting the house ready for my mom who is coming to visit for a week starting tonight. On the bright side I've just about finished the second draft of an original short story.

I promised you anecdotes and here they are.

A few months ago I bought some new socks and put them through the wash. Only one sock made it out of the dryer; the other was missing. So I put the one sock up in my bowl of Socks Waiting For Their Mates. So then yesterday I put on this pair of sweatpants, and when I pushed my leg through, there was my missing sock! It must have been stuck to the inside of a pants leg for months.

Then this morning I was looking out the back window into the yard, where we have some slices of moldy bread on the grass for the birds. This grey cat shows up and sniffs at the bread. Then the cat picked it up and started tossing it around and playing with it! I tried to take a video but dropped my phone in the process.

Speaking of phones, I'm expecting an iPhone 5 to come my way on Friday.


Pandora Hearts dream!

I had an amazing Pandora Hearts dream last night. Since it was a dream, it only made a modicum of sense, but still, I enjoyed it immensely, especially since Xerxes Break appeared in it wearing a black dress and makeup. 

In the dream, Oz had touched a clock three years ago, and since then, everyone had been stuck looking like they had not aged since then. Break had trapped Echo in a shell, which also appeared to be a smart phone. Everyone thought he'd done it for nefarious purposes, but in fact, he was planning to use her to save the day. Once he released Echo from her trap, he encouraged her to dress in disguise and go to the town center and use some special conjuring powers she had to create a grandfather clock. Somehow, having a new clock in the town square would erase the time trouble that had ensued three years prior.

Anyhow, any dream that features Echo saving the world has got to be a good one. :)

State of the gommyommy, June 28, 2012

It's been a while! I have to apologize if I haven't been responsive to your posts. See for months I was watching an extremely busy LJ comm that was filling up 95% of the bandwidth on my Friends page. Often I was so overwhelmed by it that I just didn't even go to LJ. So now that I've stopped watching that comm, I can visit my Friends page again, at least in theory.

Today I had to login to FFnet to moderate some comments (I didn't even know people could put comments on fics, or that I could moderate them, is this new?) and found a message someone sent me from last October! Gah, it reminded me that I have not written fiction in quite a while, since Heir to Rainsworth. I tell you, ever since a certain Pandora Hearts character died last year, the manga has become so darn serious, somehow, that I can't seem to rev up my usual level of crackery. That and I have been doing way too much volunteer work IRL to have much time for writing of any kind.

Although I recently was given a gift from the heavens…a few hours to myself to do absolutely nothing. And in that space of time a revelation came to me that should enable me to finally move forward on my second original fic novel. I had thought it finished, but was not getting the glowing satisfaction from reviewers that I wanted. Now I know everyone says "write for yourself" but I have higher ambitions than that. This thing is going to sparkle and sing when I get done with it. People will read it and seek a higher level of life satisfaction because of it! Ok, maybe not, but hey, I like to make up stuff, that's why I'm a fiction writer.

I recently read all twenty volumes of Angel Sanctuary and it was pretty great, but I don't feel like writing about it much. I'm currently rereading 07-Ghost and it is even better than I remembered. . I'm also reading a lot of Buddhist thought, John O'Donohue books, and listening to Joseph Campbell talks. All very good for this twisted, sad soul of mine.


State of the gommyommy, May 28, 2012

I just got Pandora Hearts volume 10 and hope to post a bit about it this week. If it contains scans it will be Friends Only. 

I'm listening to the new Sigur Rós album...good background music, よ。

And...I'm trying not to freak out over the fact that someone is coming to steam clean our carpet tomorrow. I was in my kid's room an hour ago pulling stickers and tape off the carpet, tossing away band aid wrappers, dead insects and bits of trash. This house is a disaster; 90% of it is not my doing, yet somehow I get the majority of the blame for the fact that my home doesn't look like something you'd see in a magazine. As a housewife, should I spend most of my life scrubbing every crevice and corner? Forget it. I should just a job and then pay someone else to clean this dump. Rant over.

In three hours it is Merlot o'clock. :D Until then, time for some green tea and chocolate.

P.S. I wonder why LJ doesn't connect to Last.fm anymore?


Tag Game (meme)

Tag Game

Rule 1 - Post the rules
Rule 2 - Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then make 11 new ones.
Rule 3 - Tag up to 11 people and link them to your post.
Rule 4 - Let them know you’ve tagged them.

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While I wasn't looking Hanamatsuri got updated! Chapters 4 and 5, the final chapters in this one volume series, are now scanlated and available. This really is a sweet, heartwarming manga, worth checking out if you've got an hour to spare.

Japanese vs. American notions of intimacy

So I'm reading The Art of Happiness by the Dalai Lama and Howard C. Cutler and encountered this idea: "the Japanese seem to rely more on friendships to gain intimacy, whereas Americans seek it more in romantic relationships with a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse." I'm thinking of all these manga I read, where many of us non-Japanese tend to read erotic intimacy into what appear to be "mere" friendships. And suddenly it all makes sense why we do this! What do you think? 


Some stuff about Echo & Noise

I read the new Pandora Hearts volume 9 and have some comments to share about it. Most of these will be friends locked because they will have some scans. But this one doesn't. :) However it does have some spoilery stuff.

I realized that Oz refers to Echo as "Eko" (エコ) (or Eko-chan) whereas Vincent calls her "Echo" (エコー) Can't stuffed animals hear echos?

Then in the back of the volume they have translator's notes, it says under "boku": "In the original edition, Noise refers to herself with personal pronouns that are more suited to a young boy or man. It is possible that this personality identifies as male." Wait a second now. Is this just Yen Press trying to excuse why they referred to Zwei/Noise as a man in earlier volumes? Or is there something genderbending going on here? Cause I do adore the idea of Vincent being something more than just a womanizer, if you know what I mean.


Hanamatsuri, Inuou


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