Since I started this journal (which is mostly about manga and anime), I have written a number of articles and stories. Feel free to friend me; I don't bite. My personal entries tend to be f-locked, but the rest is not.

Note: I feel obligated to warn you that although I have tried to mark spoilers as such, I am not always very good about it. If you fear spoilers like the plague, I suggest you only read articles pertaining to series and characters that you are familiar with.
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Hanamatsuri, Inuou

No more paid account

After 10/22/13 I won't have a paid LJ account. It's an acknowledgement that I don't use it much anymore. I'm planning on revamping my main website (which is currently stuck in 1995), and you can also find me on Facebook (PM me if you want to be friends) and Ravelry. I expect I'll still post here occasionally and look at my friends page sometimes. We shall see!

It's funny really. I found LJ a few years ago via Tumblr. Now it seems a lot of people have left LJ in favor of Tumblr. I don't get it, because it is darn near impossible to have a proper discussion on Tumblr. But I keep forgetting that kids don't really know how to use computers, even though they spend so much of their time on them.

Have a wonderful autumn!
Hanamatsuri, Inuou

End of an era...or at least a couple of manga series

Well many years ago I was on Tumblr and saw some beautiful manga pictures. That led me to manga and to Livejournal. Now I find that both 07-Ghost and Soul Eater are coming to an end. MyAnimeList shows their ending chapter numbers. Crazy cakes! Meanwhile, the complete series of Nabari No Ou has been published and I've got that on my shelf waiting for me to read it in its official translation. Karneval is in anime now, and I still haven't seen a single episode (if anyone has a good fansub site please let me know). So many animanga, so little time.

Retrace 85

Just saw the pictures from the latest Pandora Hearts chapter...I can't read it but...[Spoiler (click to open)]Lily gets punted! For reals! Bahaha! Well that may be one of the only moments of real levity for me in the chapter because it is clear from the various vignettes of many of the major characters that shit is about to get real.

It's bugging me...

I picked Pandora Hearts volume 15 the other day, and on this page, they've translated what Vincent says to Duke Nightray as: "You did it all for your own sake! I feel like I'm watching myself, and it makes me sick!" I know I hinted at this a little bit in my story Always, but recent turns of events in the manga have led me to a deeper understanding of Vincent's motives.Collapse )
Hanamatsuri, Inuou

State of the gommyommy, March 21, 2013

I haven't posted in a while, and I just shut down my Facebook role play account (over 1500 "friends" and no time for 'em), so somehow my thoughts turned to this long neglected journal. I've been blogging on my regular blog occasionally, and using Facebook, but haven't been very active on Tumblr or Twitter or Plurk or any of that.

So what have I been doing? Trying to forge more community and friendships in real life. Toward that end I've been active in volunteering, taking a gigong/taichi class and helped start up a new knitting group locally. What I'm finding is that I really enjoy hanging out with the 60+ crowd. They aren't internet addicts! It's so nice to see someone face to face and talk to them without them having to stop every few minutes to check their phone.

Still, my virtual door is still open to anyone who's reading this who wants to keep in touch. Sometimes email is easier, so let me know if you want to correspond that way. Cheers!